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Erotic Tickling, Giggle Inducing Sex Play.

There is nothing as erotic as the human touch unless you have some very specific fetishes but that’s a conversation for another day, and tickling is one of those seemingly innocent interactions that can have you moaning and thrashing in pleasure sooner than you might realise.

Just thinking about being tickled will leave most people with a slight shiver up their backs. This strong mental and physical response to tickling is what gives this kink such a wide scope – whether you’re into BDSM or want to be nurtured in the bedroom, tickling can lead to the mind-blowing orgasm you want.

Torturous Foreplay

Tickling fetishes run the spectrum from gentle foreplay to thrashing torture depending on whether your needs are to be caressed and stroked or pushed to your limits in search of new experiences.

When the aim is to lead your partner along the delicate path of anticipation driven foreplay the key is to be gentle. Many times, in our rising lust we can be a little rough, tickling will force you to slow down, take things slow and enjoy your partner’s responses to your ministrations.

Whether you find yourself running your nails along their scrotum or gently stimulating their vulva, draw out the moment and watch them turn to putty in your hands.

Be Open To Being Touched

Tickling is a full-body experience, from the armpit to the middle of your back to the soles of your feet, there is no part of your body that cannot become an erogenous zone when submitting yourself to your tickler.

Don’t give in straight away either, allow the sensation of being tickled to send shivers through you, fight the urge to beg for mercy within the first few seconds. Letting the sensation of being touched and explored and admired wash over you – enjoy being the centre of attention, you deserve it.

As the tickler, step back and enjoy how sexy this moment is. Your partner has made themselves vulnerable to you, their body rippling with shocks and jolts, nipples hardening, breath shortening, this is your handiwork, make it last as long as you can.

Tickle Toys

Don’t let your lack of sex store toys limit your imagination, get creative, the curled tip of a torn piece of paper makes a lovely edge with which to explore the curves of your partner’s body.

Just because you’re not spanking them doesn’t mean the hairbrush needs to stay on the bedside table, use the bristles to gently tickle their feet or run it down the centre of their back.

Try various fabrics that you have around the apartment, mix up rougher textures with silkier ones to create leave their skin in a state of confused arousal, never sure what to expect other than pleasure.

At the end of it all, your hands are most sensual and complex tickle toys you could ever own. From running your nails over their body at different pressures to stroking with the back of your fingers your hands were designed to pleasure your partner. Enjoy.

Blindfolded Tickling

The key to arousal is anticipation, and nowhere is this more deliciously in play than when you or your partner is blindfolded. When your partner is blindfolded have them lie or stand naked in a way that allows you to move around them so you can tease, tickle and stroke every part of their body.

Including music to the setting will create and an even greater sense of anticipation as it will mask your movements allowing for each touch to be a tingle inducing surprise that criss-crosses their bodies and leaves them panting from desire and shivering with anticipation.

To Tickle or Be Tickled?

Clearly the question not whether you should tickle or not but rather if you’re the tickler or the tickled. The tickler needs to be the one who is visually stimulated, the one who gets off on guiding and teasing their partner to climax. If watching your partner’s body respond to your touch, getting hard, getting wet, shivering, biting their lip, gasping, laughing and even crying arouses you then start by being the one tickling.

If you prefer to be dominated, if you want to be the centre of the attention, with hands and toys teasing and exploring every part of your body, then you will love being tickled. Put on the blindfold, lay back and allow yourself to get lost in the moment. TO GET LAID TONIGHT JOIN FREE SEX DATING SITE IN THE UK.

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