Erotic Tickling, Giggle Inducing Sex Play.

There is nothing as erotic as the human touch unless you have some very specific fetishes but that’s a conversation for another day, and tickling is one of those seemingly innocent interactions that can have you moaning and thrashing in pleasure sooner than you might realise.

Just thinking about being tickled will leave most people with a slight shiver up their backs. This strong mental and physical response to tickling is what gives this kink such a wide scope – whether you’re into BDSM or want to be nurtured in the bedroom, tickling can lead to the mind-blowing orgasm you want.

Torturous Foreplay

Tickling fetishes run the spectrum from gentle foreplay to thrashing torture depending on whether your needs are to be caressed and stroked or pushed to your limits in search of new experiences.

When the aim is to lead your partner along the delicate path of anticipation driven foreplay the key is to be gentle. Many times, in our rising lust we can be a little rough, tickling will force you to slow down, take things slow and enjoy your partner’s responses to your ministrations.

Whether you find yourself running your nails along their scrotum or gently stimulating their vulva, draw out the moment and watch them turn to putty in your hands.

Be Open To Being Touched

Tickling is a full-body experience, from the armpit to the middle of your back to the soles of your feet, there is no part of your body that cannot become an erogenous zone when submitting yourself to your tickler.

Don’t give in straight away either, allow the sensation of being tickled to send shivers through you, fight the urge to beg for mercy within the first few seconds. Letting the sensation of being touched and explored and admired wash over you – enjoy being the centre of attention, you deserve it.

As the tickler, step back and enjoy how sexy this moment is. Your partner has made themselves vulnerable to you, their body rippling with shocks and jolts, nipples hardening, breath shortening, this is your handiwork, make it last as long as you can.

Tickle Toys

Don’t let your lack of sex store toys limit your imagination, get creative, the curled tip of a torn piece of paper makes a lovely edge with which to explore the curves of your partner’s body.

Just because you’re not spanking them doesn’t mean the hairbrush needs to stay on the bedside table, use the bristles to gently tickle their feet or run it down the centre of their back.

Try various fabrics that you have around the apartment, mix up rougher textures with silkier ones to create leave their skin in a state of confused arousal, never sure what to expect other than pleasure.

At the end of it all, your hands are most sensual and complex tickle toys you could ever own. From running your nails over their body at different pressures to stroking with the back of your fingers your hands were designed to pleasure your partner. Enjoy.

Blindfolded Tickling

The key to arousal is anticipation, and nowhere is this more deliciously in play than when you or your partner is blindfolded. When your partner is blindfolded have them lie or stand naked in a way that allows you to move around them so you can tease, tickle and stroke every part of their body.

Including music to the setting will create and an even greater sense of anticipation as it will mask your movements allowing for each touch to be a tingle inducing surprise that criss-crosses their bodies and leaves them panting from desire and shivering with anticipation.

To Tickle or Be Tickled?

Clearly the question not whether you should tickle or not but rather if you’re the tickler or the tickled. The tickler needs to be the one who is visually stimulated, the one who gets off on guiding and teasing their partner to climax. If watching your partner’s body respond to your touch, getting hard, getting wet, shivering, biting their lip, gasping, laughing and even crying arouses you then start by being the one tickling.

If you prefer to be dominated, if you want to be the centre of the attention, with hands and toys teasing and exploring every part of your body, then you will love being tickled. Put on the blindfold, lay back and allow yourself to get lost in the moment. TO GET LAID TONIGHT JOIN FREE SEX DATING SITE IN THE UK.

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5 Things Attractive Older Women Do To Look (And Feel) Young

1. They live with compassion (for themselves).

2. They watch their language.

No, not that language! Use profanity all you want, especially when your joints hurt, or your sciatic nerve is screaming. I’m talking about what you say to yourself about yourself. Our culture is full of messages that aging is bad. Ashton Applewhite commented that, ironically, “older adults themselves [can be] the worst ageists.”

3. They absolutely love their body.

As you age, it’s tempting to berate whichever body part has “betrayed” you by starting to sag, wrinkle, or give out. If you’re like me, you took your body for granted for most of your life.

Having your eyesight now become weak, your waistline steadily expand, or even losing some of your hearing feels like an insult. But science tells us that focusing on those losses and blaming your body actually may make things worse. And here we come back to compassion.

4. They remain curious and cultivate a “growth mindset.”

Sure, you know a lot, but it’s still only a drop in the ocean of what there is to learn. As we age, our brains become less suited to acquire new knowledge — like a foreign language (although that’s not impossible!). But our brains are incredibly well-tuned to make connections. Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

5. They maintain a fulfilling sex life.

I recently read about a 75-year-old woman who, widowed after a long and successful marriage, finally discovered passionate sex with a new partner. It shocked her so much that she went into therapy. At 75, she finally felt free enough to actually enjoy sex. And she’s not alone.



Sex on the Beach!

The entire side of my family decided to get together for a week-long reunion on the beach during the summer. My family is big, so we had to rent out a few large beach homes with 7 bedrooms per house. We were right on the beach and it was absolutely a beautiful location and view! 🏖

After a few days of non-stop family, the beach and relaxing, I was in the mood for a little fun of my own! I figured there might be some lonely hot guy on vacation too looking for some fun! So, I hopped on the SLS Lifestyle website changed my location and set up a “Hot Date”.

Within a few minutes of my “Hot Date” post, I had many replies but this one guy, Todd, stood out! He was a local, owned a nice restaurant in town, had a great body and “you-know-what!”🍆 After exchanging a few messages via SLS email, I felt comfortable enough to give him my cell phone number. He was just the right amount of flirty and the right amount of gentlemen! Todd invited me down to his restaurant so we could meet. I felt very comfortable with that because it was in a public spot, and he was also well known in the area. Yep, I looked him up online, as I always do before meeting someone! 🧐

I told my family that I was going to run to the grocery store to get a few things, and luckily, none of the other women said they needed to go to. I left by myself wearing a little sundress which happened to have a lot of cleavage, some high heel wedges and my beach tan was on point! I finished my makeup in the parking lot and went in. It was a small restaurant with full views into the kitchen, so as soon as I walked in I caught eyes with Todd. He immediately stopped what he was doing in the kitchen and walked over to me. He had a semi-private table ready for us, and we sat down. He told me I was prettier in person than my pictures, and we had some amazing conversation that never had a dull moment. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun chatting, flirting and really had a great connection from the start but he had to get ready for the dinner rush; since they were in peak season. We agreed to meet later that night on the beach around 10pm.

Unfortunately, things were crazy at the restaurant that night, and he didn’t get out of there till around 11:30pm. That night at the beach house was family game-night. Everyone was drinking, playing games and having a good time. Once I heard from Todd that he was leaving the restaurant and had to run home to shower, I excused myself from the games, said I was tired and going to bed. I went back to my room, freshened up and snuck out the back door to meet Todd on the beach. He told me to meet him at a particular lifeguard stand, which are numbered. I got to the lifeguard stand first and waited. My heart was beating hard because of my excitement. I absolutely LOVE the first date jitters and anticipation of the unknown! 🤭

Todd arrived and we walked the beach together, talking, holding hands and some kissing under the bright, full moon. It was so romantic. During our walk, I texted my husband and asked him to set up a blanket underneath the lifeguard stand so Todd and I could chill together. My husband obliged, grabbed a blanket and set up for us.

Todd and I arrived back to the lifeguard stand, laid down, looked at the stars and it didn’t take long for him to have his hands all over me. And yes, of course down my pants. ☺️😍😇 He rubbed my tingling pussy right over my panties, exactly like I like! I was so turned on, I could barely contain myself. Todd, lifted my little sundress, removed my panties and started to devour my soaking wet pussy! He licked me softly and teased me until I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed him off of me, put him on his back, took off his shorts, and WOW, his cock was just perfect. It was perfectly thick and not too long, just the way I want it! I started with licking his balls and slowly moved up to his shaft and teased him with my tongue. He was squirming and wanting more then I swallowed his cock in full. He let out a big moan when I did that and started moving his hips. I blew him for awhile but my tingling pussy was absolutely dripping and needed to be fucked. I reached for the condom, put it on him and crawled up, started kissing him and asked him if he wanted to be inside me. He said, “FUCK!; YES!, PLEASE!!!”. 🙏🏻

I teased his cock with my clit and then just slide the tip inside of me. Oh, it felt so good! I slowly worked his thick cock all the way into me and rode him on the beach, under the stars and bright moonlight. It was absolutely amazing; his cock was just perfect! It literally made me squirt on almost every deep thrust. After a few minutes of riding, he flipped me over, doggie-style (my favorite position). He took a few pictures of the view for himself and my husband. He then slapped my ass and pounded me until I came multiple times! I fucking completely soaked the blanket! When he was about to cum he asked me if he could “cum on my beautiful tits” and I said, “hell yes!”. He continued to pound me, and I felt he was close; he then ripped off his condom, flipped me over and unloaded a massive load all over my big tits! It was so much cum; it just kept coming and coming out of his thick cock! Once he was done icing my huge tits, I slowly and softly sucked his tender cock and made him twitch with every movement, until he pulled away because he couldn’t take it anymore. 🤗

We ended up laying there for a while, snuggling, talking and kissing. By this time, it was very late, and we were both exhausted so we decided to call it a night. We got up and went our separate ways on the beach.

On my walk home, I ran into my husband and started to share with him my hot experience; he informed me that he watched the entire fuck session from behind a sand dune. That immediately made me so wet! We grabbed the soaked blanket, rushed back to the beach house, snuck back into the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and he told me to replay exactly what happened on the beach. I told him to lay next to me and to rub my pussy over my panties, just as Todd did. I continued to instruct him to do exactly what Todd did to me. My husband ended up fucking me so hard I could barely keep quiet as I came, even with my head buried into the pillows. He also blew a huge load over my tits, just like Todd did a few minutes before. It was all so hot! 💦💦💦

I hope to have sex on the beach again soon! I’ve been trying to plan a weekend to visit Todd alone. I wonder if we’d be able to duplicate the intensity from that night?

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How To Hook Up On Valentine’s Day

The Single Guy’s Guide To Definitely Hooking Up On Valentine’s Day.


Coffee Shop

So you start every morning with a strong cup of joe? That’s a perfect opportunity to meet up with another lonely soul. Just keep your head on a swivel while you’re in line for your latte — you never know when your night-of-Valentine’s-Day love will show up.

And there she is, walking up to the line behind you. There’s no ring on that finger, so ball’s in your court. She’s looking a bit harried — it is the first thing this morning after all — so the best way to make an intro is with a kind gesture. Order her drink for her! Who says a coffee shop can’t work like a bar?

To really surprise her, don’t even ask her what she’d like. Just order two of what you’re having, and give the barista a wink and explain your play. To be really cute (this is for Valentine’s Day, after all) insist that they write some type of pet name on the coffee cup, like “Sweetcheeks” or “Sharon.” That way, you have an immediate icebreaker — and a go-to nickname once you get to the romantic times later on. Really commit and refuse to refer to her as anything else, no matter how much she pretends to hate it. Valentine-less women all appreciate immediate, intense commitment. No exceptions.


Finding a date at the office is easy enough. You probably have a good idea about the available pool, and you’re not going in totally blind.

Remember how everyone used to give out those little cardboard Valentines to their whole elementary school classes? Same principle here. Bring a whole set (word around the school bus stop is the cool kids are giving out Star Wars Valentines this year), complete with candy hearts if you’re fancy. Hand them out to everyone, so you can be smooth and subtle — just write very obvious, pointed messages to the coworkers you’ve got your eye on. Example: I like you a lot. Check yes and return to me if you’ll come home with me to be my Valentine for real tonight.

If you’re concerned about any possible HR issues, easy solution: Just add a really special message to their card about how you know about what happened after the company Holiday party back in December, and you’ll be in the clear.

Movie Theater

The movie theater might just be too easy on a night like tonight. There’s always a few terrible chick flicks running, and they’re like bright porch lights to the single-lady moths stuck out in the dark world alone.

Your approach here is easy enough: pick the most romantic movie of the bunch (by law it’s required that a Nicholas Sparks adaption is playing in theaters during Valentine’s Day, so that’s a safe bet), buy a ticket and full movie date accoutrement (one large popcorn, one large soda with two straws, and Sour Patch Kids), and head on in about fifteen minutes into the movie. That way, you can scope out the status quo, eliminating the couples on dates and zeroing in on the single ladies. Plus, you dodge the first part of every single one of those terrible movies, where the couple meets cute and hates each other at first — which warms your prospective paramour up for your next move.

After scoping out a seat, settle yourself down right next to the nearest, most single-looking woman. Just from her emotional state from the time of year, the movie, and the lure of free popcorn, you’ll be pulling the classic yawn to put the arm around the shoulder move in no time. If she asks exactly what the hell it is you think you’re doing, just give her a smile, point at the screen to the formerly mismatched couple, and say “That could be us.” Swoon, every time.

Dating Sites

The one place that people are sure to be on Valentine’s Day is joining dating sites.If you can dream it, you can do it.

Wise men have said that more than half of the women you find attractive would be better off suited dating you than whoever they chose without knowing you.

Join REAL SEX CONTACTS or BRITISH MATURE SEX for free and get laid on Valentine’s Day.